Exam attending Tricks

After meticulous planning and studying hard it is important that you deliver on the actual exam. Read on for a few tricks that can boost your performance

The Day of Exam: You should plan the day of exam well in advance. Plan on how and when you need to reach the examination center. Ensure you have a list of things that you might need for the exams. Give yourself some extra time in case of any unplanned eventualities.

Get up early: On the day of the exam make sure you wake up early. Go for a short 20 – 30 minute walk. This would help you freshen up and can boost your memory and brain power and thus increase performance.

Confidence: No matter how hard you study it is important that you are always confident and you believe in yourself. Meditation and breathing exercises will help you in increasing your self -belief and in improving concentration.

Negative marking: Most competitive exams have negative marking for wrong answers. Mark an answer only if you are completely confident about it. If you end up making wrong guesses, it may lead to negative marking thus negating the marks scored on right answers.

Comprehension Section: Normally students are advised to read the paragraph first and then answer the questions. But during online exams the opposite may be better as you can’t mark important parts on the screen as done on paper. Therefore, just have a brief look at the passage and then read the questions. Now look for the answer keeping in mind exactly what you are looking for. This would help you save valuable time.

Avoid wasting time: Answer the questions that you find easiest first. There are no points for answering the questions in order. Do not waste time on brooding over difficult questions as the lost may cause you to miss out on easier ones. You can always come back and answer them later after finishing the rest. Make sure you allot proper time slots to each section and attempt it within that, or else you could end up short of sufficient time.

Time management: In order to ensure proper time management take maximum number of mock test papers in a simulated examination environment at www.trickyscore.com. The more you practice the more likely you are to succeed.