About Us

TrickyScore is a wonderful concept which would help candidates prepare for various competitive examinations.

There a many institutes across the nation who provide great coaching to students and help the candidates in securing top jobs. But such institutes have their limitations. Although students are coached thoroughly, they do not have a mechanism to find out where they stand amongst a much larger competition. In short, such candidates may do well amongst their classmates but may not be up to mark with the greater competition.

This is where Tricky score comes in. We are team of entrepreneurs and experts in the field of education who have joined hands to provide exam preparation solutions to aspiring candidates taking competitive exams.

Our features:

We provide opportunities to candidates to appear in periodic online exams in a simulated exam environment so that candidates would

know where they stand amongst a much wider competition.

We have an Extensive, Filtered and Analyzed question bank to ensure that candidates are familiar with any question that can come up during actual exams.

Detailed expert analysis would be provided by us to help candidates understand their areas of weakness and thus help them prepare in a more focused manner.

Candidates can customize practice papers on subjects and areas that they need to focus on and also choose the number of practice papers in accordance to their needs.

Our mission is to help deserving, competent and qualified candidates to secure jobs that they dream of. Thus TrickyScore not only fulfills individual aspirations but also helps in nation building by making sure that best talents get the right jobs.