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Prepare for an Exam

Once you decide on the exam that you are to attend, your destination is clear. The next Step is to understand the route to success and plan you travel accordingly. Here are few points to ensure that to plan effectively?.
Syllabus : First step is to understand the syllabus to its full. Competitive exam ....

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Studying for an Exam

No amount Planning and preparation can guarantee success unless you tenaciously execute the plan to its fullness. Read further for a few tips to make best use of your study time. Realistic plan: Make an outline to structure your study plan. You will need to make a realistic study plan based on what test you are taking, and the amount of time....

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Exam attending Tricks

After meticulous planning and studying hard it is important that you deliver on the actual exam. Read on for a few tricks that can boost your performance. The Day of Exam: You should plan the day of exam well in advance. Plan on how and when you need to reach the examination center. Ensure you have a list of things that you might need for the exams...

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  Why Choose Us ?

The world today is way more competitive that before. Preparing for Exams can be very stressful. The demands increase many folds when it comes to highly competitive exams like entrance exams or recruitment exams. Moreover, when you know that your future hinges on the results it is imperative that you do whatever it takes to be ahead of the competition.

Studying hard and knowing the course material is necessary but not sufficient to guarantee success. In short there are tricks to score high.

TrickyScore will be your key to success in opening doors to a bright future.

Extensive Data Bank

Periodical online exams

Accurate Analysis and feedback

How We Work

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The TrickyScore Advantage

The Trickyscore question bank and model exams would ensure success and keep you a cut above the competition

Extensive Data Bank

We at TrickyScore provide our members with a sure-shot question bank pertaining to the exam that they are preparing to take.

Our question bank have been carefully researched and filtered from a much larger database ensure that all possible questions that would come up during a test are covered.

In short, you might find much larger question banks elsewhere but what tricky score provides is the crème de la crème of question banks. This ensures that your hard work can be termed as smart work.

Periodical online exams
Periodical online exams are held in an environment similar to actual tests. The candidate’s performance would be assessed and compared to a much larger and competitive peer group. Thus, giving the candidate a chance to ascertain where he or she stands in the actual result scenario.
Analysis and feedback

Members can practice answering sample question papers in an environment similar to test conditions.

The scores attained in these practice sessions would serve as a feedback loop.

TrickyScore uses strong analytical tools to assess your results and provide feedback on your performance. This will help the candidates in understanding their strengths and weakness.

Thus, help aspirants to understand areas to focus on and study judiciously by setting clear and specific goals for the study sessions.

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